One thing that entrepreneurs are aware of, is that the market changes each and every year, and if they want to stay in business, they need to keep up with it. In today’s world, learning how to adapt to new trends is crucial. Having an online presence is not exactly a new trend, as important businesses have long understood that a professional website can bring them new customers every day and keep their old ones loyal and engaged. However, many small businesses have yet to take this step. Google says that businesses which make use of the web can grow 40% faster than those which don’t. People have got used to searching the Internet for the products and services they need, and, if your small business is not on the web, represented by a user-friendly website, then they will never even know that you exist. The good news is that web design for small businesses has become very affordable in the past few years, as there are so many companies which offer this service.

With the right design, content, and marketing strategy your site can deliver great results. You don’t have to learn about all these things to ensure a successful online presence. The best web design companies always provide customized packages that include all the basic services to get you started. A responsive design will make your website look great on all screen sizes, which is very important today, when so many people access the Interned from their tablets and phones, and a friendly admin panel will make it easy for you to control all the aspects of your website without having to learn anything about web design or programming. These features and many more are offered by any company which specializes in web design for small businesses.

Not convinced yet? Let’s look at 5 reasons why your small business needs a professional website:

1. Customers are searching for you online
Believe it or not, the first thing people do when they need something is to open a search engine and type the keywords that might make things easier for them. If your business does not have a website, then your business might as well not exist because 90% or your potential customers will not be able to find it. A professional website will ensure visibility.

2. Online presence builds credibility
How else would your potential customers know they can trust you and your services if not by navigating your website, reading the “About us” page, scanning the testimonials, and studying your portfolio or your products? If they see that you took the time and effort to invest in web design for small businesses, then they will know that you are reliable and they can trust you. Today, not having a website is just as unthinkable as not having a business card.

3. Your business will make a great first impression
People who are looking for products or services want quality and reliability. They will want to know about you and your business before they decide to spend their money on what you have to offer. It’s the same as a potential customer making the decision to step foot into a physical shop: he first studies the location, the neighborhood, the way the employees are dressed, and then walks in or walks away. A professional website will have separate pages for the following: photo gallery, picture of your location along with a map, photos and bios of you and your team, a list of your business’s certifications. You can’t possibly cram all this information on a business card or a newspaper ad.

4. People will know where to find you
Of course, they will know where your physical location is, but they will also know where to find you online on different platforms. Web design for small businesses will always come with eye-catching, customized buttons that will take your visitors directly to your social media profiles. There are people who use Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or LinkedIn. This is a good reason for which you must try to be present on all these websites: to allow your customers to connect with you and stay up-to-date with your products and services at all times.

5. A website creates real-world customer connections
A website is not only a source of information for your potential customers. It offers people the opportunity to send you an e-mail, sign up to receive a newsletter, download a printable coupon, read customer reviews, leave their own comments, and, most importantly, share your website page with friends and family. The last thing, of course, can bring in even more customers who would have never learned about your small business otherwise.

These are just 5 reasons why you should consider getting a professional website, but there are many more advantages you will discover in time. A company that offers web design for small businesses will also offer you advice and teach you how to use your online presence to increase your visibility and income.