It is well-known that when you’re planning to build a new business, the start-up is crucial. Miss it, and you’ll have to work harder at getting your company off the ground. What you’re aiming for is a clever, powerful, memorable start-up that will gain enough attention to bring in a generous number of customers right after launch. All you need is a good plan and a strategy to cover the platforms that can create a huge buzz for your products or services. Research shows that the first place the vast majority of consumers turn for information on local businesses is the Internet, so it’s only natural to focus on it first. A web design company that knows exactly what smart start-ups are about will help you set your perfect plan into motion.

First of all, you need a professional website. As an entrepreneur, the best move is to hire a web design company with proven experience in the field and a convincing portfolio to create the website according to your instructions. Aside from the fact that it has to be fast and user-friendly, your website must reflect the personality of your brand and company, provide visitors with useful information, and be mobile compatible. There are affordable website design services that come with a lot of useful features by default, which means that you won’t have to pay any extra fees for them. These features include responsive design, which is very important today, when people access the Internet from various devices. Then, the admin panel must be easy to use so that you would be able to control all the aspects of your website without having to learn anything about web design or programming.

Once the website is up and running, you must make sure the content it contains is not only informative and of high quality, but also optimized for the search engines. Keywords are important, and the web design company will surely include on-page SEO among the services it offers. A great idea is to build a page dedicated to answering the most common questions your prospective customers might like to ask. If you know your business and your field well, then you know the main concerns of those interested in the kind of products and services you will be offering. This page can later be edited to add answers to new questions posed by your visitors and clients. The most important thing is to show people you truly care about what they have to say and you’re ready to provide them with the information they need to make a decision.

A common mistake that many businesses make on start-up is failing to provide clear calls-to-action. Entrepreneurs tend to focus so much on building their online presence and offering their prospective clients as much information as possible, that they forget to provide them with the most appropriate means to take the next step and go from looking at their website to contacting the business. A call-to-action is a text that invites visitors to do something, and the secret is to make it powerful and attractive. Here are some ideas that smart start-ups have successfully used:

– Include a “learn more” button that leads to a link to download a brochure, an eBook, a catalog, etc.
– Add a “call now” button.
– Offer a free consultation or a free estimate visitors can obtain by filling in a quick, short form.
– Add a “buy now” button.
– Include a “make an appointment” link.
– Add a “sign up” button, or a “register” button to obtain a prize, a discount, or a free trial.

Social media marketing is very important because it can help you create the buzz you need to raise awareness about your new, start-up business. The trick is to learn how each platform functions and how its users prefer to interact through it. Even though it might look like a lot of work, it is important to make a strategy for each network you intend to use. For instance, you need to take into consideration that Facebook users like videos and photos, and they usually tend to engage in longer conversations. Twitter users, on the other hand, appreciate brevity. Pinterest is a great platform if your company offers products that can be promoted via pictures. Knowing how all these social media platforms work will help you adapt the content on your website and blog appropriately, which will lead to followers, shares, awareness and, eventually, your first customers.

These tips for smart start-ups are just some of the things you could try to make sure the launch of your small business won’t go unnoticed. If you turn to a web design company to help you build your website and social media profiles, the professional people you will work with will also help you brainstorm ideas and offer you advice according to your niche and the results you are aiming for.